YKFID500ESS KitchenAid induction range with double oven

With a family of six, it’s not always easy after a big day cooking dinner in a short amount of time. So we needed a powerful device that met our needs with speed and efficiency.

The KitchenAid induction cooker with double oven and self-cleaning has conquered us.


Contrary to popular belief, we did not have to change all of our cooking accessories. Only one was replaced because it did not have a magnetic background. The magnet trick works fine if you want to know if your cookware is compatible for induction.


The speed is incredible; it’s hard to find a device that can carry an amount of water to boil as quickly!

The other advantage is that its two ovens are complete. Unlike several other models with double ovens where it is not possible to grill food, since the majority has only one element down. The small oven contains two elements. This allows us to be very productive and versatile. In addition, they are both self-cleaning.


Its European convection in the bottom oven provides a very uniform cooking without having to change the position of the grates. This makes it possible to make wonderful desserts successful at any time! Equipped with three grates, one extensible on ball bearing and one on the bottom, it can accommodate the steam tray for a more humid cooking.

Its elegant glass ceramic hob and touch buttons are very precise, and easy to use. In addition, it is equipped with a Power Boost option to quickly sear or boil while the simmering is extremely smooth.

Being induction, the surface heats much less and therefore does not subject the glass-ceramic to as much stress as a radiant surface. Cleaning is all the easier because the damage does not stick immediately. A quick wipe then it’s finished!

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Mélissa Lafferière
Specialist advisor
Corbeil Appliances – 7566 St-Hubert st.

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