The Ideal Temperature!

What is it the ideal temperature for your refrigerator or freezer?


The experts agree on one point: in a fridge, the maximum temperature should be 4 ° C. It is recommended to choose a temperature generally ranging from 3 ° C to 4 ° C.

This range of temperature ensures, in fact, the good conservation of food and prevents the development of bacteria. If the integrated thermostats in fridges allow a cold adjustment by turning a knob, few are those who deliver accurate information on the temperature of the fridge. For this, there is only one solution: place a specific thermometer in a glass of water inside your refrigerator and control the temperature after a few hours.

To allow air to circulate well in the refrigerator, do not overfill it. The more the refrigerator is overloaded, the more the temperatures will be badly distributed.


It is essential to adjust the temperature of a freezer even if it is integrated in the refrigerator. This part of the device is dedicated to the conservation and storage of food for a short time.

You can add additional independent equipment, whether vertical or horizontal type. Each freezer has an adjustable thermostat that allows you to act on the temperature that will settle permanently inside the cabin.

You must make sure to set this temperature to -18 ° C. This is the recommended temperature. If you go too far below, which is not necessary, your freezer will consume too much electricity and your food will not be better preserved than if you were at -18 ° C.


Josée Ducharme
Customer Service – Corbeil Appliances Repentigny

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