The Fisher&Paykel refrigerators

Although Fisher&Paykel excels in all appliances, it is their refrigerators that have earned the brand a reputation after being launched in 2001. Even today, it is their star product.

The performance

The Active Smart system delivers cooling quality that is only found in the most upmarket brands. Thanks to its numerous sensors, they adapt to your use. Thus, defrost cycles are started only during periods of inactivity and conversely, the temperature is decreased shortly before the usual periods of use to compensate for the heat input caused by the opening of the door.


Fisher&Paykel’s line of thought is “simple’s better”. On average, they use 30% fewer parts than the competition. However, fewer parts, less risk of breakage. Besides they avoid the use of electronics as much as possible. For example, moisture control of vegetable drawers is one of the best on the market and yet it is purely mechanical.


Designed to last 15 to 20 years, the lifespan of Fisher&Paykel appliances is significantly above average.

In short, if you need a high-end refrigerator at an affordable price, choose Fisher&Paykel!

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Francis Guérin
Specialist Advisor
Corbeil Appliances – 247 Antoine Fortier street, Beauport

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