The different washer models

When it comes time to change washer, it is not always easy to make a choice with all the models that exist. However, it is possible to differentiate certain technologies in order to better enlighten you. During your in-store visit, your advisor will ask you several questions in order to better understand your needs.

To help you make your choice, here are the features of the 3 kinds of washer technologies:

Top Load Washer with Stirring Arm

– They are less expensive

– They use a larger quantity of water

– Its history makes these washing machines reliable and efficient

High-efficiency washer from above without stirring arm

– Energy Efficiency

– They spin faster than traditional top loading models

– They need less detergent; they use HE detergent (High Efficiency)

– They take less water than traditional top loading models

Front loading washer

– Energy Efficiency

– They consume less water

– They need less detergent; they use HE detergent (High Efficiency)

– They spin more quickly (so they reduce the drying time)

– Saving money (less detergent and less drying time)

Obviously, apart from these characteristics, there are several other criteria that must be taken into consideration before making a final decision. What is your budget? Would you like to have steam technology? What are the dimensions of the devices? What colors are available? Etc.

Do not hesitate to come and meet an advisor at Corbeil so that it can guide you towards the products that will meet your needs and that will be adapted to your lifestyle!

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