How to stop dark clothes from fading

When we just bought a beautiful piece of black or navy clothing – and an expensive one – we would do anything to keep it as beautiful, as long as possible, even if we have to keep it in the closet! Do not deprive yourself, you may be able to extend the look of the blacks and brightly coloured garments and avoid fading by following these instructions:


1. Use a laundry detergent that is made to minimize fading of dark colours. If only mildly dirty, wash in small washer load, or wash separately on delicate, or hand wash.

2. Turn the garments inside out to wash. This reduces the amount of abrasion the clothes experience during washing.

3. Use mild detergent and avoid using too much detergent. Harsh detergents are hard on dyes.

4. Do not leave in the dryer too long. Take out when still slightly damp. The heat in the dryer will age fabrics.

5. Dyes are also affected by sunlight, and from abrasive wear. Unfortunately, we can’t help you with those.

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