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The kitchen is one of the main rooms in the house. In North America, we are known for gathering in the kitchen, around the table or the island, chatting while cooking. Creating a space that defines us, meets our needs and, most importantly, brings us together is essential!

It is important to make a list of all of the aspects that you wish to keep or remove from your actual kitchen. A kitchen designer will be able to recommend you new products in the market as well as new storage equipment, which will make your new kitchen more efficient and reduce loss of space. The kitchen designer will also advise you on different materials available.

Your kitchen cabinets can look completely different, depending on the materials and the colour of the doors that was chosen. There are many available options in the market: melamine, polyester, polymer (thermoplastic), acrylic, MDF and wood.


A very durable material that changed tremendously over the years. There are many different colours and textures available as of today; replicating the effect of wood grain so well it makes it hard to tell them apart. There are also two different types of doors: the classic flat door and the shaker style door (90° joints), also known as 5 panel doors. This material offers a 5 year warranty and is the least expensive option in the market to redo your kitchen.


You will find a great variety of doors with 90° and 45° joints and a 35 colors charter. Also textured, it can imitate the look of wood on your cabinets. These doors are made from 5 pieces (4 polyester edges and a melamine center). It is resistant to heat, which makes it more likely to stay intact in bright kitchens and around appliances that generate a lot of heat.  The manufacturer offers a 5 year warranty on this material.

Polymer (thermoplastic)

Also offering a wide range of doors and colours, just like melamine and polyester, Polymer offers wood imitation doors. You can also get a polished finish, in which case, the flat door has a better looking effect. The durability of its components comes from its bonding process. With its exclusive glue and robotic installation, the components are more wear-resistant and last longer. The manufacturer offers a 12 year warranty on this material.


A very glossy product with the possibility of having the edge banding and drawers in a different colour or in stainless. Although this very durable material can be repaired with a wax like product, we recommend applying a polish as early as the installation to prevent any damages. The polish will harden the surface (increased resistance to against scratches), antistatic and increased gloss. If scratches appear, apply the repair product and polish with a microfiber cloth. It is a quite expensive material, but it will certainly add a stylish modern and contemporary touch to your kitchen. The manufacturer offers a 12 year warranty on this material.

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard)

MDF is made from pine wood particles and is offered in many door types, thanks to its thickness, cut and look. The choice of colour is almost endless; you could use the Benjamin Moore colour palette to make your choice. This material always gives an opaque finish, with a 10% or 35% shine. Although polyvalent and a less expensive option, compared to other materials available, MDF is not the most resistant of materials and is more prone to damages caused by water. The manufacturer offers a 2 year warranty on this material.


The most popular wood types as of now are cherry, maple and walnut. You can choose between different door types as well. As for the colour, there are many shade options available, depending on the type of wood chosen and your tastes. For those who enjoy the look of natural wood, a simple varnish will be applied. Wood is a noble and timeless material with a great life span, which justifies its higher price point. The manufacturer offers a 5 year warranty on this material.

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