Jura coffee machines

Nothing beats the JURA experience.

The home expresso machine will quickly earn you the title of “barista per excellence”.

Superior quality coffee made from freshly ground coffee beans in less than 60 seconds. You can brew up a cappuccino, a perfect expresso or a latte in the comfort of your own home. This machine will turn you into a star every time you entertain.  Your guests will be able to enjoy tasting up to 12 varieties of specialized coffee, depending on the model of your machine.

You can adjust the grind to your liking, thus providing you with the ability to make the very best coffee possible. With an automated machine, you are the master of your taste buds.  Just choose the type of coffee you like best, whether a commercial or specialized brand. These machines are designed to bring out the aromas and flavors of every grain of coffee. A color screen display is also available to provide optimal use of your machine. Machine maintenance is easy and only takes a few minutes of your time. Moreover, daily maintenance will ensure consistent and perfect results in the quality of your coffee.

There is a variety of different JURA expresso machines as well as a range of prices. It is also possible to add a number of accessories, such as the stainless steel milk pitcher, the cup-warmer, latte macchiato spoons and cups, filters, expresso cups, etc.

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