How to choose the perfect range hood

Aesthetics is the first thing that catches your eye! However, knowing what’s under the hood is very important.  There are a great number of styles available, the most common is the under cabinet, then the chimney and finally the island.

Replacing or new concept

Often, when replacing a fan, the one already there is in most cases, very basic, entry level and usually not very strong, 150 to 180 cfm (cubic feet per minute) The filters are small and with incandescent lighting. A good replacement fan should be at least 400 cfm with a good size coverage filter and LED lighting. With a new concept, a short discussion about the size and location of the vent exhaust should be incorporated in the demonstration.

Type of cooking surface

Coils and glass ceramic have no specific requirements; however induction does need regular mesh filters instead of baffles or the new hybrid type, because the heat dispersion is different. Gas requires a minimum of 600 cfm for a 30 inch stove because it needs to manage the Carbone Monoxide emissions. A 30 inch minimum height clearance and baffle filters, because of the open flame concept.

What type of home

In certain cases, the vent system is shared or if you have a novoclimate insulated home or you’re in a condo, these conditions require a maximum strength of 290 cfm, otherwise it affects your neighbors’ home air circulation or air pressure.

Cooking habits

Spicy food, fish, grilled meats, wok; all these foods or preparations might require a stronger fan, many people have endured and lived with fans that were not able to get rid of odors and steam, a stronger fan is thus more desirable.

Kitchen layout

Many homes now have an open area concept, open to the dining and living room, or one big open space. Again, a stronger fan might help because if the odors are not managed by the fan the whole area will smell.

The Sound

Most customers mention sound being irritant, is normally high on the priority list, and the manufactures are always making efforts to reduce the noise level of fans. Unfortunately, fans are not quiet, the stronger the fan, the noisier it might get. Also the installation can affect the noise output. Cooking times are not that long and a small compromise in loudness sometimes is more desirable than the loss of efficiency.

There are many more types of fans available and require more explanations and advices that our qualified members can provide. We invite you to come and see us.

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Donald Wittenberg
Assistant Manager
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