Herringbone: the trendsetter

Whether you are looking for a new living room rug, comforter or tablecloth or just interested in reupholstering your old and outdated furniture, the herringbone pattern is no doubt the trendiest design these days. Both simple and chic, this pattern comes in many varieties and is very easy to coordinate with many others. Sometimes, just playing around with the colours makes it easy to match and to obtain the desired effect.

More than just a pattern, it’s a theme

This pattern has cropped up more and more this year, especially in interior decor, but also in clothing, jewellery and even tableware and accessories (napkins, straws, glasses, plates, etc.). Some even go as far as to turn it into a pure and simple theme for fancy entertaining, an anniversary, wedding or children’s birthday party.

In the kitchen

When thinking about trends, designs and kitchens, it is easy to consider integrating this pattern into our new kitchen! If, for example, you are thinking of redoing your hardwood floor, consider installing it in a herringbone layout.  It gives a completely different and sophisticated look. You can also use this pattern for the back splash or even the ceramic floor tiles.

Although the pattern is magnificent and versatile, don’t overdo it… The essence of elegance and good taste requires just the right amount and proper use.


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