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Established in Dallas, Texas, the company Coyote Outdoor Living specializes in the design, development and the building of high quality outdoor kitchen equipments. Coyote is committed to making outdoor kitchens an accessible reality for anyone who loves to cook while having fun outdoors. They are proud to offer sustainable products at an affordable price, offering all chefs and food lovers the opportunity to create their dream outdoor kitchen.


The centerpiece of the company’s product line is the Coyote Grill. With its strong structure, precision, ease of use and outstanding performance the Coyote grill is a must in your outdoor kitchen. The company understands the importance of designing products that will last a lifetime. That’s why all Coyote grills are made from Grade 304 high quality stainless steel, molded stainless steel burners, zinc nickel alloy knobs and double-walled stainless steel lids for better insulation. The professional burners, paired with the fireplace, offer consistent and perfect cooking results every time. In addition, standard interior lighting, available on all models of grills, will provide perfect results even after sunset.


The Asado, a Kamado type smoker barbecue for charcoal cooking, is also available. Cooking on charcoal adds a delicious smoky flavor to the food and allows slow cooking at low temperatures, making meat cuts tender and juicy every time!


To accompany the grills, Coyote Outdoor Living also offers a wide range of storage modules, secondary cooking options, refrigeration equipments and much more. The storage modules will allow you to create a practical workspace while having a great look. They can be paired together by adding modules with drawers, sinks, cabinets and adding refrigeration units to create a beautiful high quality stainless steel outdoor kitchen.


Finally, Coyote products don’t only have great price, superior durability, exceptional cooking performance, but also a complete warranty that will ensure you get a service that exceeds your expectations.

Your outdoor Coyote kitchen will no doubt make people jealous in your neighborhood… so what are you waiting for?

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David Labonté
Assistant Manager – Corbeil Appliances Sherbrooke

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