Contemporary style kitchen

Often confused with the modern style

Contemporary kitchens are built around current market trends. When we use the expression “style of the hour”, it is a common way of referring to contemporary design. This style evolves very rapidly since it varies according to time and trends. Today’s contemporary kitchen will probably no longer be contemporary in… 5 years!

In 2016, the contemporary kitchen features, among other things, a very clean style and European design with straight lines and a combination of textures, materials and rather neutral colours. Today’s contemporary kitchen has brought together a few elements of the industrial, retro and Scandinavian styles.

These kitchens also feature kitchen counters made of black or white quartz, granite or marble, wood or even concrete. The cabinets are usually white, black or dark veined wood.

A few details, such as stools, light fixtures or decorations boost the look of a rather minimalist kitchen. A built-in sink or built-in, trimmed appliances are also included in this popular kitchen style.

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