A huge tub for the laundry, is it really necessary?

Why are we always looking for bulkier laundry? Why not change our usual washing habits? Instead of taking Americans’ habits, we should be inspired more by Europeans.

Changing your habits to save

The “apartment size” 24 inches wide laundry are increasingly available from our suppliers, who see demographic change in North America. But consumers are still looking for the most voluminous tank possible. In most cases, it’s to wash their duvet, comforter or very large bedding. By asking them the question, they often realize that they wash them on average 2 to 3 times a year. Is it really worth going to the big tank for so few times that they need it? For this we must make big changes in our washing habits. Instead of giving a specific day to our wash, why not make it a little every day? Moreover, in view of the fact that Hydro-Québec will be charging users in the near future, it would be economically advantageous to make a small load each evening.

The question deserves to be considered!

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Ignacio Fernandez
Corbeil Appliances Lasalle, 7401  Newman blvd.


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