2017: Marble

2017 Kitchen Trends

Always luxurious and in good taste, marble has never really disappeared from fashion trends. This year, however, it will be more present in home decor. Among other details, it stands out thanks to its majestic veins and its ability to combine with other materials such as wood, metal, granite, copper and plant elements.

Add a touch of class to your decor with selective marble items such as vases, chandeliers, picture frames, serving trays, lamps, tables, etc. Once a material or colour becomes trendy, expect to find it adapted to and imitated on all sorts of objects!

If you intend to redo your kitchen, don’t hesitate to select marble to enhance the look of your island counter or backsplash. Marble is not only everlasting; it is also a hardy material that adapts to every decor and style.

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  • Erika

    This looks amazing, especially in an all white kitchen.


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