The Napoleon LEX serie

napoleon logoEquipped with I-Glow backlit controls, you can turn on your 12,000 BTU burners easily even when the night is up. Its double-walled lid prevents the color of the steel from altering under the intense heat released by your Napoleon. The Jetfire instant ignition system avoids the hassle you’ve certainly experienced with the famous little red button of questionable reliability. With Jetfire, any burner will turn on in one maneuver, for sure!

Performance and Cooking

Now let’s get to the heart of the matter: performance and cooking. Although a model of this series is available without an infrared burner, all others are equipped with a minimum of two. This technology allows the rapid and direct transmission of intense heat to seize the meat more efficiently than anything you have known. This process ensures you an exceptional result, like the best restaurants, because it traps the juices that give the flavor and texture of your meats. For a little extra, you get the commercial grade brooch and the Shish Kebab type rotisserie.

Even so, if you are a fan of the taste of coal, there is also an accessory available allowing the use of charcoal, for an authentic and unique taste.

Enjoy the summer with Napoleon’s LEX series, for successful barbeque evenings, whether it’s a weekday evening, a quiet family evening or a big evening with a full terrace.

Personal Suggestion: Why not turn your marinade bin into a cooler? Always practical to have a few cold beers at your fingertips!

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Francis Guérin
Specialist Advisor
Corbeil Appliances Beauport – 247 Antoine Fortier

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