Steam cleaning?

Over the years, you will notice that a number of new technologies have appeared in the appliances market and it is no longer as easy as it previously was to make a selection among the great range of products offered to you. Among these technological offerings is steam, which can now be found in certain washers and dryers on the market and in various appliance brands. First, you should know that steam is a natural and very effective way to clean, degrease, disinfect and even de-wrinkle fabrics. How is steam produced in the appliances and what are the real advantages that they can provide for cleaning clothes?

Steam washing

It’s very simple. For washing machines with a steam cycle, the water is sent to a steam generator (kettle) and the pressure created to heat the water sends jets of steam into the machine at certain specific moments of the cleaning cycle. These jets of steam have basically the same effect as they have on the pores in our skin.  They dilate the fabric’s fibers, allowing the soap to work its way into the fabric but it also dissolves certain stubborn stains such as grass, mud, wax, grease and much more. In addition, some washing machines will use steam to fight allergens such as mites and animal scales (dead skin) without harming delicate garments.

Steam drying

As for dryers, steam can be produced in the same manner as in the washing machine, using a generator (kettle), but also by releasing a fine mist that turns to steam due to the high temperature inside the dryer tub. This last option is the process most currently used by manufacturers of steam dryers. However, these two processes do not yield the same results. In both cases, steam allows the clothes to smooth out without the need for ironing and decreases the static electricity, but it also enables you to freshen, for example, a garment forgotten at the back of your cupboard in order to make it ready to wear. As for the dryer models that use steam produced by a generator (kettle), they offer the possibility of killing bacteria and refreshing items that are difficult to clean, such as pillows, smelly shoes, sporting goods and even children’s toys, naturally, without the use of chemicals.

It is obvious that the selection of new appliances depends on your needs and lifestyle, but don’t forget that steam can be a great ally when dealing with laundry and will certainly save you time and money!


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  • Ben

    I love to steam my dress shirts in my Maytag dryer. Less wrinkles and less ironing, who wouldn’t love that 😀

  • Tom

    I like the fact I can steam a pair of dress pants in 20 minutes. I also like that it is ‘true” steam”-this makes it more worthwhile.


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