How to reduce energy consumption in the kitchen?

The most energy-consuming appliances in a house are usually in the kitchen. And we all know what energy consumption means… high electricity costs. We thought we could give you a few practical tips that are sure to help reduce your electricity bills.

Need more space? Maybe not…

Energy waste mostly comes from using appliances that are too big. We tend to think our fridge is always too full and there isn’t enough space. Usually a quick clean up is all you need to realize that there’s actually lots of space to store food. You should evaluate your needs before choosing the size of fridge you need. Remember, a fridge that’s too full costs more than a bigger fridge that’s not as full.

Evaluating your needs is also important for the other appliances in the kitchen. Live on your own? Your dishwasher doesn’t need to be the same size as a dishwasher for a family of five. Same thing for the microwave: if you only use it to reheat individual servings, choose a more compact model. Your range should follow the same rules.

Common sense

Several other ways to save money are just common sense. For instance, it’s always better to cool leftovers on the counter before putting them in the fridge to avoid raising the temperature of the fridge.

By contrast, defrosting food items in the fridge helps keep the fridge cool. It’s also a less energy-consuming alternative to defrosting food in the microwave.

When you heat food up on the range, don’t use a burner bigger than your pan. Otherwise a lot of the heat is lost and the sides of the pan could overheat. Instead, use a larger pan on a smaller burner.

The quality and materials of your cookware have a huge impact on the energy performance of your range. Refer to this article to find out more.

Only turn your dishwasher on when it is full. This will avoid wasting unnecessary water and energy.

Start off fresh

By following these easy tips, you’ll see your energy consumption go down as soon as your next electricity bill. However, the best way to improve your kitchen’s energy performance is to buy Energy Star qualified appliances. They use a lot less energy and help substantially reduce your electricity bill.


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