Panasonic Combination Oven NUHX100S

Corbeil presents you today a new Panasonic, model NUHX100S, combined cooking oven. This counter oven combines induction cooking technology with infrared cooking technology to give you a huge boost when preparing your delicious meals. Its speed and ease of use will amaze you while your delicious meals prepared inside this countertop will amaze your guests!


The operation is very simple, firstly there is an induction heating element located in the lower part of the cavity and an infrared cooking element located in the upper part of the furnace. The induction element makes it possible to quickly raise the temperature, without preheating while having an accurate temperature control. During the time where the infrared element of the top will be in function, it will allow for example to roast chicken for less than 30 minutes. The appliance comes with a molded aluminum cooking plate with 2 cooking zones, the center of the plate which will be the warmest area and the contour of the plate where the heat will be less intense.


These 2 cooking zones allow foods requiring different cooking times to be cooked at the same time and efficiently. You will be able to cook meat in the middle section and place your vegetables all around and everything will be ready at the same time. Moreover, to make it even easier for you to spend more time with your guests, the hob is dishwasher safe! In addition to the two cooking technologies, a seal on the oven door keeps heat and moisture in the interior, allowing fine vapor droplets containing the flavors diffused by food to circulate in the oven cavity and thus raising the flavors of food.

You will undoubtedly surprise the whole family with the cookbook included with the appliance which will allow you to concoct new dishes ranging from appetizers to desserts. So let yourself be tempted by all the possibilities that this device offers you, and you will save time and money while enjoying tasty meals worthy of the greatest chefs.

Enjoy your meal!

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