Modern style kitchen

You like simple, clean lines? Without too much fuss and showy details, but still design elegant and flamboyant? The modern style is probably just right for you! Inspired at the beginning of the XXth century, this style has come back regularly time and time again. The start of the modern era is marked by architects ahead of their time, producing clean, white buildings in square, round or even triangular shapes. In the past, this style appeared much more futuristic than modern. Often mistaken today with contemporary styling, the modern style will boast varnished kitchen cabinets and straight line white quartz counters. Today’s kitchens can be either discreet or flamboyant, depending on your personality.

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Sober style kitchen

Varnished cabinets in white, gray or black and a kitchen counter made of quartz or wood are the perfect combination for a sober modern kitchen. Add to this some long, elegant stainless steel door handles or simply push button doors (without handles) to complete your basic design. Neutral colours provide perfect harmony in a modern setting but a few colour accents can add real “punch” to your decor while remaining fashionably trendy at all times. All you have to do is change the colour accents whenever you want. Kitchen stools around the island may serve as accent pieces, but are usually just as sober as the rest of the kitchen.  In black or white leather, they appear comfortable, well-padded and may feature very simple designs.  They can also be designer-trendy and uncomfortable to sit on, but break up the monotony of the kitchen. The back splash can be inexistent, brightly coloured or quite sober to match the rest of the kitchen.

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A refined look

Knickknacks, vases, decorative plates, dishes and cooking appliances are usually quite discreet and downplayed in a kitchen but plentiful in the rest of the house or dining room. LED lights incorporated under the kitchen cabinets are also part of the decor, as are glass elements (railings, shelves, furniture and fixtures, etc.).

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A touch of color

For the more audacious, enthusiastic and uninhibited, bright colours make their marks in these kitchens. Primarily in selecting the colours of their varnished cabinets or back splash, the more flamboyant will opt for colours such as red, orange, apple green, violet or yellow. Combined with the traditional varnished white or black, these bright colours completely transform the look of a modern kitchen! However, as is often the case, it is easy to get tired of these bright colours and it makes it more difficult to do a complete kitchen make-over rather than just changing a few knickknacks and decor items when necessary. It is therefore very important to be confident in your decision or to simply have the means to change your kitchen frequently.

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