KitchenAid range YKFES530ESS

KitchenAid range YKFES530ESS

KitchenAid offers a number of different range models but this one is really interesting because it stands out from other free-standing models.


This range has several very interesting features that can now be found on other ranges in the market, including a ceramic glass cooktop with one large element, several medium and small elements and one dedicated warming zone. It is also equipped with a large 6.4 cubic ft. convection oven and a heating drawer that keeps food warm before serving.  This last feature is very convenient when preparing a huge meal or when the guests have not yet arrived.  It can also be used for slow, low temperature cooking.

Even-HeatTM Technology

The elements on the cooktop provide radiant heat, meaning they work with all types of pots and pans. The range also has a 10 inch element that, combined with the Even-HeatTM technology, ensures even, consistent heat, which is perfect for quickly boiling water, melting chocolate or evenly cooking meats.

Even-HeatTM technology is also found in the convection oven.  Combined with bow-tie technology that allows for even better distribution of heat throughout the oven, the cooking quality is very precise across the three oven racks all at once, allowing us to bake more cookies or pies at a time or to cook the main dish and the side dish together. It is no longer necessary to rotate the dishes or racks in the oven to ensure that they are all perfectly cooked.

Satin-Glide™ Rack

Another interesting feature of this range is the Satin-Glide™ rack.  This rack slides on sturdy ball-bearings that enable you to effortlessly pull the rack right out of the oven cavity, making it much easier to handle big or heavy dishes.

The Steam Rack

The “Steam Rack” allows you to add humidity and moisture in the oven to enhance cooking results and add more flavor to your dishes.

AquaLift™ Self-Cleaning Technology

The range is equipped with AquaLift™ self-cleaning technology that ensures the oven stays clean at all times. The process does not require high heat that would only cause stress on the range and release unpleasant odors like standard self-cleaning systems. In addition, it helps you save time and energy, as the process takes less than an hour at a very low temperature.

The Look

In addition to all these features, this range has an elegant and simple design. The back is equipped with a large glass control touch-screen that makes it easy to control the oven, burners and warming drawer.  The sleek KitchenAid handles are stylish and unique. The handles come with red buttons located on each end, a feature that distinguishes this range from others on the market. It is, however, possible to exchange these red buttons in favor of black or stainless steel ones if you prefer.

This KitchenAid range will provide you with the performance you expect and the ultimate cooking experience!

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