kitchen conception, analyzing your needs

There are several points to consider when properly planning a home renovation project. When we make the important decision to redo the kitchen, it is essential to ask yourself the right questions!

In your current kitchen, you must determine what you don’t like and what you would like to change. For example, the following aspects of your current kitchen should be considered in order to improve your project: how hard it is to keep it clean, the composition of your kitchen or work areas, the storage capacity, insufficient work space, insufficient lighting or simply the outdated look of your kitchen!

Need for storage

Think about storing away food, dishes, pots and pans, small appliances, linens and cleaning products, the garbage can, the recycling bin, wine and miscellaneous items.

All depending on how much there is to spare, the restructuring of your new kitchen will be different depending on your storage needs.

Quantity of family members

Will the number of people in your family increase (young family) or decrease (retirement)? This question will help you determine whether to make your kitchen bigger or, on the contrary, make it smaller because you will be fewer to use it. In the latter case, it may be a good idea to reduce the surface area of your kitchen in order to increase the size of other surrounding rooms in your house.

How many people will occupy the room at one time? If you do not have the same work hours and you have the kitchen to yourself, you will not need as much space as you would if the entire family were at the kitchen counter every morning!

Meal area

Would you prefer to have a dining room in separate room, a small dinette close by and/or a lunch counter? The configuration of your meal area will make it easier to design your next kitchen in order to make it more user-friendly and functional according to your personal lifestyle.

What type of cook are you? :

  • Occasional cook: you master the ready-to-cook. If you are this type of cook, you will not need many work surfaces.
  • Weekend cook: your needs are more intricate than the occasional cook.
  • Seasoned cook: your work area, ability to maintain and clean, ventilation and cooking capacities will be determining elements in your choice of kitchen.


If you enjoy entertaining on a regular basis, it is important to take into consideration the comfort of your guests! You will have to think about planning your dining room, but also about your kitchen island or lunch counter.

Your personal tastes:

Scandinavian – Contemporary – Classic – Modern – Rustic – Industrial – Country


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