Industrial style kitchen

Ever more popular over the past few years now, industrial-style kitchens are mainly known for their small corner restaurant look, featuring a mix of unfinished textures and materials. Whether pertaining to the cabinets, the choice of counters, the lighting, the stools or the decor, the possibilities are huge! For the more conservative, just a few elements are needed to transform a room without taking too much of a risk.

This style can apply to your entire decor, including the bedroom, the living room and even the bathroom. However, one must be careful not to overdo it, especially when it comes to this style… a little moderation works much better!

The predominant colors are black, gray, white, with a few brightly colored elements in yellow, green, red, orange, blue, etc. Basic materials used to produce this style are solid and/or rustic wood, black and stainless steel, copper and concrete.

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Certain architectural elements, such as visible beams, visible ventilation pipes, brick or wood walls, cast iron staircases or black tile windows make it easier to blend into this design style.

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One of the first and least expensive changes one can make is to start by changing the light fixtures.  This will help transform your room. For example, you could use large coiled naked light bulbs, hanging lights and bulbs without shades, massive steel fixtures, etc.

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In order to bring out the look of the small neighborhood restaurant and open kitchen area, you may want to add open shelves in your kitchen to replace the cabinets or simply incorporate a restaurant-type service hatch. Making your small kitchen appliances and dishes visible and directly incorporated into your decor will also raise the industrial-look of your kitchen.


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