Flush mount installation

For the past several years, the “flush mount’’ or built-in type of installation has been increasingly sought after, mostly for built-in appliances, but not necessarily limited to this. We owe this type of installation particularly to certain European manufacturers who came onto the market with different specs that allow for flush mount installation, providing a very clean, contemporary look.

North American brands quickly followed suit in order to offer this type of installation as well, by changing their own measurements and specifications. For example, they changed the hinges on their refrigerators (SubZero, Thermador, Jenn-Air), installed different vents in their built-in stoves (KitchenAid and Jenn-Air) or created a category of more compact appliances measuring 24″ wide, such as built-in stoves and coffeemakers. These can all be combined and installed in a variety of ways: side-by-side, stacked, with or without trim.

Several models offer two types of installation and the kitchen cabinets must be designed accordingly:


Built-in or “flush mount”

allow a depth of 25″ for the kitchen cabinet (the standard being 24″) for American brands in order to obtain the flush mount effect.


Standard or “proud” installation

the appliance will fit over the cabinet where standard cabinet units can usually be installed.

Note, however, that you must be very vigilant when planning a project with this type of installation as there are still various brands and models that do not offer this option. It is therefore important to consult your contractor and your kitchen specialist to determine if this scenario is designed to meet your needs.


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