ERBM010W Ellipse refrigerator, perfect for small spaces!

Ellipse ERBM010W is the new Corbeil exclusive brand, providing quality products at an affordable price. As THE appliances specialist, we conceived this model for today’s customers, with the most important and practical specifications.

Perfect for small places

Corbeil is proud to expand its range of appliances with this brand new refrigerator. With its small 10 cu.ft. size, it is perfect for small apartments, residence rooms or purely as a second refrigerator! This product does not come with a multitude of functions, but it isn’t a basic model either: it is simply the perfect balance for your needs.

To combine both the esthetic and practical sides of this appliance’s design and because today’s customers will mostly reach for the refrigerator, rather than the freezer, the refrigerator is located on top and the freezer at the bottom. With a 24 in. width, 60 in. height and 26 in. depth, this refrigerator easily accommodates smaller spaces. The handles are integrated to minimize the depth and this allows the fridge to be opened from the bottom of the door and the freezer by the top of the door. Both handles are located at the same area, making it easier to use.

The refrigerator section has two height-adjustable glass shelves and a third steady shelf above the fruits and vegetables drawer. The door has four small height-adjustable bins, as well as a ‘’full width’’ bin located in the bottom of the door, all of which have a good depth.

The freezer has a steady meshed shelf and an easy to access meshed drawer. To maximise the space of this small appliance, the freezer’s door also has a small bin at the top. The meshed shelf and drawer benefit the cold air circulation throughout the freezer.

Smart and green choice

This refrigerator meets the needs of customers who don’t have a lot of space, but it is still big enough to fit their whole groceries. The outer finish is aesthetically pleasing and the inside is well thought-out to optimize the space. Furthermore, this appliance is certified ENERGY STAR, which is one of the many assets of this small Ellipse appliance!

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