Black and gold make a comeback

Trends evolve very rapidly.  Whether in fashion, architecture, interior design or furnishing, it is very difficult to be continuously abreast of the current trends. As many already know, trends have a tendency to resurface every ten years or so. Don’t get rid of your trendy things once the fashion has passed; not only will a trend eventually return (usually by inspiration or not necessarily as is), but some things such as clothing or furniture remain timeless staples, despite ever changing trends.

Earlier this year, we were touting copper and rose gold.  Although still very chic and elegant, these colour accents were quickly overtaken by the new brushed gold. Shades of copper found their place in furniture, utensils, home decor and others in 2014. Still current and in good taste, you don’t have to dump everything out and switch it to gold tones… you are still very much in the loop!

A little bit of gold in your decor

In fact, gold has come back by aligning itself to black, which has returned in full force in contemporary kitchens. Also easy to combine with white, gold adds a touch of luxury to your decor when used in the right proportions. Let yourself be inspired but don’t overdo it.  Too much gold tone will set you back too far into the old days.

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Black is back! You may have noticed that some appliance manufacturers such as Samsung, Kitchen Aid and LG each have a new line of black stainless steel appliances appearing on the market recently. The return of black, in a trendy stainless steel finish, heightens the look of certain kitchens and adds a dose of masculinity to the room.

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The perfect match

Not only for appliances, the colour black has been increasingly used in kitchens over the past few years. The industrial-style kitchen has generously contributed to its comeback. An integral part of today’s modern designs, black is often combined with white, concrete and wood.

The combination of black and gold is an obvious winner!

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  • Lidianne

    Im glad that Gold is back.. It’s really chic!

  • Nami

    It’s a beautiful mix of color! very elegant


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